Halloween Manga Workshop for Children

Have a youngster in primary or secondary school? Looking for something other than just Trick or Treating?

This half-term week, Froggy Manga is going spooky for Halloween! We are holding a special Halloween Manga Drawing Workshop on 26th of Oct at Yummy Yummy in my Tummy (this will be instead of our usual class).

Come along for some monstrous Halloween fun!

There are 2 individual sessions to choose at £10 / session:

  • Session 1 ( 3-4.30pm) : Let’s draw horror characters (Vampire / Werewolf / Witch and more!)
  • Session2 ( 5-6.30pm) : Create a Halloween Card

Both sessions are 90 min long for six year old+ and all ages. Please register in advance so that I can prepare seats and  materials.

—-> Book your ticket here