What is Manga?

It is type of Japanese comic art.

I don’t know much about Manga. Can I join the class?

Yes, you can. Manga is simple line art and very popular for all ages in Japan. You can have a try.

Can I join the class at a different age than suggested?

Possibly, as long as the learner is 8+. If this is the case, please contact me before booking. If the class environment is unsuitable we may still be able to make some other arrangement.

Do I need to buy anything during the Course?

Basic art tools and materials will be supplied during the class, however, having your own favored tools is a good way to practice and develop your own style. I usually recommended everyone to make personal doodle books and practice every day.

Do you teach the storytelling skills for making comic strips?

My classes are forcussed on developing hand drawing skills, but I can arrange some story making skills classes if you are on a long course.

What do I need for my first class/workshop?

Please bring your paypal recipt. It would be good if you brought some drawings so that we can see your skill and interests, but not essential. Pencil and rubbers will be supplied in class, but please bring your own tools if you would like to use them in the class


Can I pay in cash on the day?

We apologise, but we only accept electronic pre-payment. This allows us to avoid misunderstandings and correctly estimate how many learners will be at each class. Please finish online registration before the class start date.

I would like to cancel my order. Can I get refund?

You can get full refund if you either contact us within seven days, or as long as you cancel a month before the start of the class/workshop. If not, the following cancellation charges will be apply, due to our venue costs:
If less than one month (30days), you will get a 90% refund
If less than two weeks (14days), 50% refund
If less than one week (7days) before the event, no refund can be given. We reserve a discretionary right to waive fees, and to offer alternative workshops/events where a refund cannot be given.

I don’t have a paypal account.

For payment in the modern world, PayPal is both easy and secure. PayPal accounts are free to make and can be tied either to a credit/debit card or your bank account. If you are either unable or unwilling to make a PayPal account, please contact Keroko asap to discuss an alternative payment method.


Registration failed

We apologise. Please contact Keroko with the details of the class you were trying to register for and any error messages. If it is possible to make a screenshot, please do so and attach it to your email.

Web page doesn’t work

We apologise. Please contact Keroko with any error messages. If it is possible to make a screenshot, please do so and attach it to your email.

I find a bug on this web site

Many thanks! Our site is a work in progress and we are always trying to make improvements and innovations that both help you to find what you need, and to display students’ work. If any feature or page is bugged, please contact Keroko with the details.


Did you find answer to your question? If not, contact Keroko.