Froggy Manga Workshop Gift Ticket

Froggy Manga Workshop Gift Tickets for Christmas!

By popular demand we now are selling printed Manga Class gift tickets on quality cardstock.

You can use the ticket for all our £10 workshops including Online Group lessons, Manga Club sessions and seasonal holiday sessions. We will provide a unique code and each gift voucher will valid for six months.

We also offer to publish a Gift Ticket for Private 1-to-1 Home lessons / Online lessons. Ask more details to:

*Ticket holders can book a class in advance from our website:
Availability and Booking >>>    Private Lesson (Online / Home)

How is the gift ticket a like?

This is the sample of a gift card (the design can be update); A6 postcard sized, printed on a card paper. Ideal for a present.

You can receive e-ticket by email (pdf format) or printed ticket by post (£4 for a print and postage, will take 4-5 business days)

How to buy a gift ticket?

You can order the gift ticket here. £10 par ticket and require your paypal account:

    Note: The tickets are valid for 6 months and will not be refundable.

    e-ticket by e-mail 0-2 business dayscard ticket by post 4-5 business days

    How to book a class?

    Please use following forms (sorry, these are under construction, they will work soon), add your ticket code and sender’s name with the general booking information. Please be aware of the different age groups for each class. 

    *The class will be added in half terms and holidays, possibly more weekend class options next year.

    • Online Manga Group Lessons (any)

    *Following Class are currently suspended and you can not book this year:

    • Sunday Manga Drawing Club – Tottenham Class (Age 10-15)
      8 Dec, 12 Jan, 26 Jan…
      Second Sundays, Tottenham Class, 16:15 – 17:45 9th Dec next
      Age: 10-15 years old (small group)
      Level: any level
      Venue: Sushi Heads
    • After School Manga Drawing Club – Stoke Newington Class (Age 8-15)
      12 Dec, 19 Dec, 9 Jan, 16 Jan…
      Thursdays, Stoke Newington Class, 17:00 – 18:30
      Age: 8-15 years old (small group)
      Level: any level
      Venue: Yummy Yummy in my Tummy
    • After School Manga Drawing Club – Crouch End Class (Age 8-12)
      11 Dec, 18 Dec, 8 Jan, 15 Jan…
      Wednesdays, Crouch End Class, 16:00 – 17:30
      Age: 8-12 years old (max 11 children)
      Level: any level
      Hornsey Vale Community Centre