Terms and Conditions – (General)

These Terms and Conditions are Correct as of 16th of August 2018

Trading Information

Froggy Manga is the trading name of Chiharu Kaneko (Keroko James), operating as Neokeroko Design.


Where these terms and conditions refer to the bill payer who has booked an event, class or workshop we will use the term ‘Client’.
Where these terms and conditions refer to a workshop participant themselves, we will use the term ‘Participant’.
It is, of course, possible for the Client and Participant to be the same person.


Payment via PayPal and a filled in contact form confirms a booking and accepts these booking conditions.


Your paid invoice via PayPal confirms what we think you wanted to book. Please check all details including dates, names, locations and class details. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking. Please tell us as soon as possible if the booking is not what you expected. After seven days normal cancellation policies apply.

Changing Weeks/Days

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a class has to be cancelled, another will be arranged at Froggy Manga’s expense. If it is unacceptable or impractical for a client or participant to attend, then a refund for that week will be issued. If any client requests a refund and later decides the participant will attend the extra class, then further payment would have to be made.

Cancellation Policy

Except where these Terms and Conditions state otherwise, Froggy Manga’s cancellation and refund policy goes in line with the costs of the organizing expenses.

As such, clients who cancel more than seven days before classes will be entitled to a full refund. Monies can also be rolled into the following month’s classes.

Due to management costs, Froggy Manga is not able to give full refunds on cancellations less than a week before an event or workshop.

Froggy Manga reserves the right to waive or modify these conditions.

Absence and Delay

So that we can provide the best content, and for reasons of safeguarding, even where parents do not expect a refund, Froggy Manga asks that parents should notify us of absence either by phone or email before the class has started.

Where an attendee is aware that they will be severely delayed, please also let us know as soon as possible.

Damage or Loss of Froggy Manga Property

Froggy Manga reserves the right to bill parents/guardians/workshop payers for damage or loss of Froggy Manga property that goes beyond the normal wear and tear for a class or workshop of that type.

Ownership of Artwork

Ownership of any artwork produced lies with the participant who created it. Froggy Manga reserves the right to make a copies for promotional purposes.

Photography and Video Footage

Some photography and video footage may be taken during classes for promotional purposes. Children or others attending a class may appear in these. If any parent or individual wishes themselves or their child to be excluded from these, Froggy Manga would need to be informed of this in writing before classes or workshops commence. If notice is given after photographs have been taken then substantive reasons would have to be given as to why existing photographs or video would need to be erased/taken down.

Froggy Manga cannot guarantee that any particular client or child will appear in photographs or video.

Health and Safety

In order to maintain appropriate standards of health and safety, Froggy Manga must be informed of any relevant medical needs of any participant – whether physical, psychological or behavioural. Froggy Manga reserves the right to offer alternative activities to any participant for whom it would be unsafe or disruptive to involve them in the booked class. If no alternative can be offered, Froggy Manga will issue a full refund.

Parents of children under the age of responsibility must give an emergency contact for all children attending events, and must be available to respond to emergency calls if needed.

Participant Information

Information on clients and participants will be taken at the time of booking and retained according to the Data Protection Act 1988. You may be informed about future events with Froggy Manga. Froggy Manga will never sell your personal details to third parties. Please let us know if you do not want to be informed of future events with Froggy Manga.

Individual Tuition

Froggy Manga aims to keep classes and workshops to a size where the Tutor(s) can give personal attention to every participant. Further one on one attention is a separate charged product and will not be available to students participating regardless of specific needs. If a student’s needs require greater one on one attention than a normal class environment, then remedies will be sought in line with Froggy Manga’s Health and Safety Policy (above) by the offer of either alternative activities, or a refund to the paying client.

Froggy Manga is happy to consider paid one on one sessions with students whose needs are greater than a group class or workshop setting would permit.

Child Protection

Froggy Manga is obliged under law to inform social services of any child or vulnerable adult suffering abuse, if such a participant discloses such information to them. In this event, Froggy Manga staff will contact Local Children and Families Teams and act on their advice.


Froggy Manga does not accept liability for any injury, death, loss or damage of property during a class unless directly caused by the negligence of Froggy Manga or its staff.


Froggy Manga reserves the right to exclude any participant for any reason, including persistent late collection of children or those requiring pick-up. No refund will be given and no compensation will be given for costs/losses incurred as a result.


We will always endeavour to provide the best possible experience for all participants. If a problem has occurred, please contact Froggy Manga as quickly as possible. If we hear of a problem independently we will attempt to resolve the problem as best we can. We cannot respond to calls or emails during an event, so please contact our offices via the contact email provided. Froggy Manga will respond to all complaints within ten days.


Refunds will be given electronically and never in cash, within ten working days. Refunds will not include an adjustment for transaction fees.