Manga Workshop for Adult (Aug-Sep)

This is series of the first adult workshops of Froggy Manga. Due to demand, the classes are 120min long and squeezes in quite a challenging subject: the Human Figure. We will aim for all of us to draw the human body by ourselves to a reasonable quality. We will teach fundamental drawing techniques and suggest ways to improve it. (beginner – intermediate)

  • Manga Drawing and Japanese
    Tuesday 22nd Aug 6:00-8:00pm

This session is about the style of Japanese Manga Art and how to draw it. We also show the cultural background of Manga and introduce some Japanese language. This is  the class for those who are interested in both Japanese culture and drawing.

  • Manga Figure – Proportions and the 3rd dimension
    Tuesday 29th Aug 6:00-8:00pm

This session is for the people who don’t have the confidence to draw full figures, or who can’t draw the body except by copying. We will teach human proportions, body parts and three dimensional skills: they may help you to draw human bodies your own, then practice portraying them from all angles.

  • Manga Figure – Poses and Movements
    Tuesday 5th Sep 6:00-8:00pm

This touches upon on the goals of the previous class but from completely different approach, so people can join also from this session. We will practice negative space drawing and quick movement sketches, which will help you to plan your drawing effectively. People who are struggling to draw dynamic poses may benefit from this session.

Price: £20 (one session)
*with basic materials supplied

Two together Offer
Any 2 adults for £36 (one day)

Sessions should be prepaid with PayPal. You can register and pay with the link below**:

** Registered users will receive a receipt via email. Please bring the receipt to your first class.