Summer Holiday workshops inquiry

Summer Holiday Manga Workshop

We are now planning Summer Holiday program. What would you like to see and where? How long would you like classes to be? Our goal is to make the best classes for your needs. Please send us your requests using following form:

    Just one day3 days in a week5 days in a weekOnce a week every weekWeekend lessonsPrivate group workshopTwo or three week camps to master different subjects

    MorningAfternoonEarly eveningany time

    £10-30£30-80£80-120£120-200£200-300£300 or over?

    Hornsey Vale Community Centre (60 Mayfield Road N8 9LP)Yummy Yummy in my Tummy (56 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7PB)The Redmond Community Centre (Kayani Avenue N4 2HF)Sushi Heads (205b Philip Lane N15 4HL)Islington Arts Factory (2 Parkhurst Rd N7 0SF)Other, write down the venue names & area into the text box below